Congratulations to “The HIVE Network” in Beckley, WV. Winner of IOTA’s 2016 Annual ARC Business Incubator Assessment Review.

Joseph Carlucci, business coach at “The Hive Network”, explains. The WV Hive Network is an extensive network of physical touch-down spaces, technical assistance coaches, and start-up resources. The first Hive location is in Beckley, WV. This serves as the hub for all Hive interactions. The Hive was installed to connect existing and future entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get off the ground and thriving. With dozens of regional partners, the Hive has been able to assist dozens of entrepreneurs including students, politicians, as well as those who have been in business for a long time. The connection of resources with need, is designed to build a culture of entrepreneurialism throughout the state and region.

The Beckley Hive houses a coding lab, maker lab, apparel lab, design lab, event space, a one button studio, countless advanced software systems, and a regional business coach for one-on-one assistance with any business problem. These resources are available to any business or start-up free of charge.

IOTA senior business incubation representatives will be conducting a two day, in-depth, forensic analysis of the program and producing a report aimed at helping The HIVE Network maintain its already high standards of business incubation best practices. IOTA will also assist The HIVE to identify any gaps in services, programs, policies and procedures. It will conclude with a written report and presentation given including recommended “Next Steps”. Ongoing mentoring after the assessment will also be available.

Please review IOTA’s Services Page at for full overview.