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Patricia Frerkes

Patricia Frerkes, CPA, CCIM, CIPS

Strategic CFO with proven experience achieving scale, operating efficiencies, and appropriate metrics in all size companies; particularly skilled in start-ups and in the banking, insurance, real estate, and health care industries.  Has served as the key executive financial partner in M&A engagements.


As a strategic CFO:

  • Tailor financial statements to clients’ needs, i.e., fund raising, sales or purchases, etc.
  • Develop appropriate metrics for optimizing financial performance.
  • Creative deal maker driven to profit-enhancing or strategic opportunities.


Experience honed by working with such companies as:

  • Lockheed Martin Technology Start-ups (24)
  • The Lights on Lab VC Fund
  • Strategic Growth Bank
  • Heritage Trust Company
  • AXA Investment Division, Germany
  • Mountain States Financial Corporation (public)
  • Deloitte & Touche

To contact Patricia for more information or about contract services, please email