Current Projects

Supporting Incubators to Private Sector Companies.

Current Projects: 

“Best Practices of Business Incubation” Training

What an honor is was for the IOTA team to conduct a “Best Practices of Business Incubation” training for Bangladesh High Government officials and administrative staff of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park. Joining us was the President of Dot Com USA, NYC office. The training was presented at George Mason Enterprise Center in Fairfax, VA.

IOTA Training Bangladesh George MasonIOTA Training Bangladesh 1


Las Cruces, New Mexico and Los Lunas, New Mexico

It’s good to be able to complete our latest incubation feasibility studies. Looks like both communities in New Mexico are moving forward with their respective projects. The sponsors of the kitchen incubator project in Dona Ana County (Las Cruces, Anthony) have indicated they are planning for the next phase.

Likewise, the champions in Valencia County (Los Lunas, Rio Communities) are taking steps to see their hybrid mixed-use / kitchen incubator endeavor come to fruition. Phase 2 has begun and will be completed in March 2020.

IOTA is proud to be the consultants of choice. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind groups or communities that are considering a business incubator, please do conduct a feasibility study.


Current Clients:


L-TECH’s mission is to infuse technology into society to provide convenient options for delegating, directing, and mitigating life and business. They are especially dedicated to updating outdated systems with more powerful and secure applications to solidify infrastructure. Vicarious™ is the next phase in wearable device innovation. Accessing inforation on a UI designed to integrate visual spectrum for day-to-day use modern humans anticipate and expect. In short, Vicarious™ recognizes the outside world, through multiple sensors and provides real time cohesive information to the user/wearer who is now accessing applications and operating system criteria normally available only by smartphone/modem device. Vicarious™ provides answers to questions before they are asked. What about personal privacy and protection of intellectual property? Having planned for that concern, Vicarious™ is programmed to protect both. Vicarious™ is both consumer- and service-based. Vicarious™ is a “participatory” platform that any business or entity can customize to enhance or engage augmented space. This provides more improved and timely communication with staff and faster, more efficient, customized interactive delivery of service for the consumer.

Another product of L-TECH’s is AMG™ which is the Gateway content provider for intercultural storytelling, initially in the United States – and successively – around the world. AMG™ operates as a global portal for all people to more comprehensively access and view their experiences, perspectives, and existence in the world, to advance understanding and relationship between our myriad cultures and backgrounds and to reflect and reveal a more up-to-date, connected, attuned society. AMG™ focuses on storytelling approaches happening in national and global cultures. AMG™ is prepared to take up the challenge of bringing inclusive content to/from untapped, underserved audiences and professionals. Their values and acumen are aligned with the products they create, acquire, and distribute.


Shrike Eagle Aviation

Shrike Eagle Aviation proposes to create a replicable process of turning static aircraft service centers into successful and upward-scalable centers beginning with the initial purchase of an existing center in the Pacific Northwest. Then plans call for repeating the process at three other locations in the United States over a five-eight years roll-up.