Business Incubator Management Training

Hiring, Interviewing, and Training Assistance for the Incubator Manager

Business Incubator Management Training

Now you have your plans, your building is under construction or retrofit, but do you have your manager? Let IOTA assist you through the hiring, interviewing, and training process for your new manager. Most incubator managers hired have no prior experience in managing a business incubator. It’s a position that attracts applicants from all walks of life, from economic developers to educators, from realtors to bankers. Sometimes, the incubator manager is already employed by the entity developing the incubator, and will have the additional duties of running the incubator stacked on top of their current job duties. There is no cut and dry background requirement for a good business incubator manager, but one known fact is that the incubator atmosphere is directly related to the personality and proficiency of the incubator director. So it is very important to hire and train the right person from the start. Let IOTA help you!

Already have your manager? What about all those pre-opening tasks — policies and procedures, tenant documents, marketing, recruitment of volunteer mentors, educational opportunities, etc.? All these tasks need to be in place BEFORE you open the door, not as an afterthought or by trial and error. Be ready to open the door with a plan and a purpose! IOTA can help!

One of our team members will spend time at your location to help you get the ball rolling, either to assist in hiring and/or training the manager or in completing those pre-opening tasks. We charge a daily fee plus expenses, and we don’t object to spending long days helping you get ready for your big event! We are willing to stay for five consecutive days at a time, and to make return visits as necessary. We’ll even work with you on a retainer basis for ongoing support and assistance as your own personal mentor.

Or, YOU may be that new manager of an incubator and feeling lost and confused! You are not alone, IOTA is there to help you, just give us a call and let us work with you.

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Contact us for further details or to make arrangements for your onsite visit today. IOTA can assist you within any category of Business Incubator: Technology, Mixed-Use, Kitchen or Arts.

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