Services Requested — Quote Worksheet

Services Requested — Quote Worksheet

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    Freshlook Pre-feasibility: “Our Premier Service “ Many times a community desires to experience the positive economic impact a best practices business incubator can generate. Yet, some communities do not have the critical mass indicators necessary for a successful project. Or, at least in the way originally perceived. IOTA’s FreshLook Team will conduct a three-day accelerated check of your community or region to see if a full feasibility study is merited. FreshLook is an inexpensive way to “check it out”.

    Freshlook Biz: Just as IOTA preforms FreshLook, Pre-Feasibility for a community, we can do the same for individual businesses, seeking to investigate what it will take to be the best they can be. There is a minimum needed of six (6) businesses in the community in question to participate.

    BIOI aka Feasibility Studies: IOTA preforms feasibility studies for all five business incubator categories, Kitchen, Technology, Manufacturing, Arts and Mixed-Use. The IOTA team has experience in both rural and urban settings.

    Feasibility Study Validation: Sometimes feasibility studies have been conducted by “non-business incubation” entities. Sometimes an incubator needs industry professionals to evaluate the study and assist in modifying or adjusting recommendations so the success anticipated, but not received, can be achieved. Sometimes there is a need to realize when it is time to say “stop”. The IOTA Team can help.

    Site Validations: The IOTA Team has vast experience with both new build and retrofit. Let us assist you during the site selection and full understanding of both the return on investment as well as ramifications of your choice.

    Kitchen Incubator Food Science and Regulatory Experts: Within the IOTA Team, we have specialists to assist during the process of opening a kitchen incubator. Our experts assist during the feasibility study phase, the design phase, the implementation phase and with policies, procedures and protocols specific to kitchen incubators.

    Operational Planning: The IOTA Team can assist during the start-up phase of the project with the creation of your Best Practices Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan, Policies, Procedures and Protocols. Or, we can assist you to create these to revitalize your existing program.

    Incubator Manager Training: The IOTA Team conducts incubator manager training across the nation. These trainings usually have a focused agenda, ever assisting managers to become better equipped to operate a successful incubator program and assist their incubator client companies. One of the most popular is “The lights are on, now what do I do”? This is great for freshman incubator managers.

    First 18 Months Mentoring After Opening: IOTA will contract with you to assist in the initial manager hiring process, then to mentor not only the new manager but also the Board of Directors for the initial 18 months of operation (Or any portion/s of) This can include on-site assistance as well as video conferencing, webinars and conference calls.

    Business Operation Assessments: The IOTA Team can conduct a forensic review of your incubator to evaluate its present state and assist you in reaching your maximum potential. Below are key areas we will review and address with an action plan, checklists and evaluation metrics. Please check any and all items desired reviewed.

    Reality Check: (review of study and evaluation / comparative, then and now)

    What are responsibilities of Board
    Major Responsibilities of Board of Directors, Job Descriptions, etc.

    How to use your Board effectively

    How many staff do you need
    What qualities, traits, and qualifications do they need to possess?
    Managers and Staff (Educational Backgrounds, Qualities and Personal Traits)
    Hiring a director / manager
    Training manager (see “18 month mentoring after opening” service above)
    Employee Handbook (organization, benefits, policies, evaluations)

    Standard Operations Manual
    Tenant Policies and Documentation
    Tenant Handbook
    Lights On --Day to Day Operations

    Day-to-Day Operations
    Reserve and Sustainability Budgeting

    Social Media Marketing
    Attraction Planning

    Day-to-Day Management
    Maximization of Space Utilization

    Mentor Recruitment
    Mentor Job Descriptions
    Mentor Team Progress Tracking

    Recruitment Process
    Standard Operations Policies Manual

    Launch Process and Procedures
    Stakeholder Management

    Incubator Effectiveness Monitoring Process and Metric
    Incubator Value - Return on Investment Metric
    Client Evaluation of Value Adds Effectiveness Metric
    Incubator Accountability Metric

    Investment 'Pitch' Training: Onsite individual and offsite group trainings on “The Art of the Pitch”. Learn how to equip the incubator manager to, in turn, equip client companies how to raise investment monies

    Concept Commercialization

    Additional Review Items Desired:

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    Thank you for giving Team IOTA the opportunity to serve you, your community and your client companies. We will return a quote within 72 hours of receipt of your request.

    Russell V. Combs, CBIP

    President, IOTA

    Team IOTA truly wants to make requesting our services convenient and easy.
    Yet, we are adamant that in doing so we do not miss something.

    Please take time to look over our quote worksheet and fill it in with as much information as possible so we can plan to maximize our service to you and still keep the cost as prudent as possible.

    Again, thank you for allowing Team IOTA to serve you.
    We will return a quote within three (3) business days from date of receipt.

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